Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog drama

I first discovered blogs when I noticed that a couple friends had one. After reading their blogs for a week or so, I started clicking on their blog links and started reading those blogs. I added a Blog section to my favorites and now began regularly checking in with various blogs. After about a month, I was inspired to start my own. I wasn't sure what I'd write, but I figured maybe this would motivate me to journal on a regular basis, like I wanted to but never kept up with.

So began my blog journey. I soon discovered a whole world of mommy bloggers, and an entire subset of infertility bloggers. Having struggled with infertility for five years before finally getting pregnant with my boys (after three cycles of IUIs and two cycles of IVF, lots of drugs, lots of procedures, lots of tests) I was interested in reading the infertility blogs too. I had no idea there was a whole level of blog politics in both of these worlds! I don't get it - I thought we wrote to get our experiences out there, maybe helping someone in the process. I thought this was a way to connect with others going through similar experiences, to receive advice or sympathy if needed. I noticed that some blogs are way more popular than others (though haven't quite figured out how that happens), and that there were actual Blog awards (interesting, but so what). Apparently there was some whole drama that I missed completely over one blogger posting her own awards, some nice, most nasty, all meant to be funny but some missing the mark. After reading a few blogs that were obviously very wrapped up in the whole thing, I decided I don't need any extra drama in my life.

I deleted every blog that mentioned this drama.

I feel much better now.


Chaotic Mom said...

I AGREE WITH YOU!!!! I have found some peace in the blogging, but have also run across some interesting drama, too. Going to focus on the more uplifting blogs to keep me motivated. Like yours! :)

ann said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog.I hope to keep up with it.See you tommorrow

Mega Mom said...

More power to you!