Friday, February 24, 2006

"Normalcy" approaching

Definitely had a good couple days, but now I'm a little burnt out. I've been doing the "single mommy" thing for the last three weeks or so, and it's definitely taken it's toll. I'm VERY thankful that DH's show opens tonight and he will actually be home with the kids in the morning until he has to leave for a meeting, and then he's going to have them in the afternoon so I can get everything ready for the boys' birthday party at 3:30. Then he leaves for the show at 5:30, and I clean up and collapse. He has the matinee on Sunday, so I probably should voluntarily give up my Sunday afternoon time to clean the house so I can go to my in-laws' and take over with the kids. And then Monday brings "normalcy" - no more late nights for DH. I've been surviving, but it's beyond a doubt tough to take care of four kids all day and get three kids ready for bed every night by myself, especially when they're all under four!

But I'm sitting here at my new computer armoire. Not only was I able to go through all of my papers on Wednesday and purge a TON, this has doors that shut and I can either lock them or put a child lock on them. A can't get to the computer unless I let him. The first time he tried and couldn't I started dancing. This will make things SO much easier!!!

Alright, just spent the morning driving all over with J to pick up all the remaining things for the kids' party. If I had more time and energy I could do more for the party, but I don't and they'll be thrilled with anything we do so I'm not driving myself crazy. I need to get my butt up so I can drive on over to the Temple and start part two of my day: leading the preschool Shabbat program. We're making masks today for Purim. Yay. Yawn. Getting up. Here I go. I would give anything to be able to crawl into bed for the rest of my day and have someone else to all the stuff I have still to do today. Okay. That said, I'm going.


Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah for the child lock!!!!!

Rachel, you ARE the party lady. Or at least the Pirate Teacher. :)

Lauren said...

Just reading this entry makes me want to take a nap. You're amazing, that's all I can say.