Sunday, February 12, 2006

Super Saturday

Yesterday I:
* Took the kids to a new library for Sally's Music Circle (an interactive kids' concert). The directions I got from mapquest were WRONG and took me to the wrong end of the very, very long road that it was on. I kept driving, hoping desparately that I would happen upon it, because when I mentioned that I couldn't find the library, B started crying that, "Now we're not going to see Sally!" We finally found it, and it was VERY crowded. But the kids enjoyed it. I may have lost three pounds keeping track of all three of them in the crowd (aaahh, if only it were that easy).
* Brought the kids to the park next to the library to play - I think all libraries should have parks connected to them. It makes the library a full morning or afternoon destination. Seriously, go for a story time (usually 30 minutes/45 minutes), take some time to pick out books (another fifteen minutes), and then what? Go home?!! If there's a park next to the library, then you have another hour filled before going home for lunch/dinner. Perfect.
* Bought McDonald's for lunch (Yay, Mommy!) so the kids could have a "picnic lunch" (eating lunch on the living room floor while they watch a movie). A and B fell asleep in the car so I let them sleep in the car while J and I went in and ate lunch. They slept for almost an hour! I kept going to check on them but they didn't budge!
* Cleaned, decluttered, and rearranged the kitchen. DH got home early due to the snow, so while he played with the kids, I got to work on the kitchen. It was fabulous. I used my timer so I didn't get overwhelmed. For every fifteen minutes I worked, I gave myself a five minute break. For whatever reason (mainly because DH was in charge of the kids) I was able to get so much done! I love it. I honestly don't know how many times I walked in there just to look around and marvel at how good it looks. I mean, I even cleaned off the top of the fridge of all the crap that was up there. And the bowls and trays that were left at my house since this summer from various parties that we gave? Put away. I have no idea whose they are, so if anyone reads this and remembers that they left something at my house, speak up and I'll pull it out for you. Otherwise, I don't have to keep them on top of my fridge and cabinets looking ugly!
* Dusted and dusted and dusted and vacuumed the boys' room to clean up the mountain of baby powder they liberally sprinkled all over their room Friday night. Do you know what it's like to have to dust almost every book, every surface, every drawer? Powder was EVERYWHERE. But at least their room is clean now. We decided an actual punishment was in order for this, so their two Playmobil toys (a pirate ship and a castle) were removed for two days.

And now it's Sunday. The snow that started yesterday is STILL coming down hard. Sunday School was cancelled, Baby J's naming was postponed until next weekend (good thing because since I lost my voice yesterday I would NOT be up to singing at it today as requested), and poor DH has been shoveling for a while now. He even walked over to my parents' house to shovel their driveway so my 70 year old dad doesn't do it all himself. He's a good husband and an even better son-in-law. We had told the kids we would play in the snow today but it's REALLY deep. We would literally lose J (I think it's over her head) and it would probably be up to the boys' chest - that's deep! I MIGHT take the boys out when J naps, but I don't think they'll want to stay out that long. That's an awful lot of work involved just to bring them out for a little bit.

I am hoping to be able to work today on the playroom just like I worked on the kitchen yesterday. DH is probably going to want to collapse when he gets home, and I know he still wants to dig out his car and re-shovel our driveway (it's still snowing). I don't think I'll get the same uninterrupted time as I did yesterday, so maybe I'll do fifteen minutes of work followed by fifteen minutes of playtime with the kids. Or even ten minutes with the kids, five minutes for myself, then back to work. I'll try it and see how it works out.

Enjoy the snow!


Mega Mom said...

All sounds good to me! Ain't the FlyLady grand?

I wish we had a bit more of that snow. Hope you have a full pantry and you got a bunch of books at the library. My oldest son got 7 on Friday. My husband has been reading to them for the last hour.


Mary Ann said...

Wow Rachel, you are an inspiration. I wish I got half as much done as you do.