Monday, December 12, 2005

2 year olds

Maybe I just blocked it out. I know the boys went through all these stages - I just can't remember them. They're definitely going through the "why" stage right now! I swear I answer over 400 questions a day between the two of them. But J is going through the "terrible twos" like crazy right now, and she's still three months away from turning two! PLUS DN-A, who doesn't turn three until April, is here all the time - I can't even tell you the number of times my guys are quietly playing or otherwise occupied and then I hear DN-A screaming, "NOOOOOO!!!!" from the other room.

I've been dreaming really weird dreams recently - they're almost made for tv movies in their twists and turns. They're so strange that I wake up and have to hit the snooze button (the one on the alarm clock this time, not telling the kids to go back to sleep) just so I can go back in to the dream and find out what happens next. Very strange! Last night I dreamed that I was ill and had to take a plane ride to Seattle (where I've actually never been) and I kept missing the people I was supposed to be meeting until I was finally laying on the ground in the terminal but it must have been a moving sidewalk because I kept on moving and was able to read the signs in the airport. The night before I was teaching again and the computer got a virus that threatened to destroy the world and it was up to my class and I to solve the problem but we couldn't tell anyone because the government was trying to cover it up.

Okay, off to clean up from breakfast, get shoes on my three, take DN-A and A to the potty, pack the boys schoolbags and help them pick something out for show and tell, make a grocery list, brush my teeth and theirs, get their coats, hats, gloves, and scarves on - all within thirty minutes. Ready? Go!

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