Tuesday, December 20, 2005


On Sunday (my weekend day to get up with the kids - DH gets up with them Saturday), I was able to hit my human snooze alarm twice before I got up. Okay, I didn't really "hit" her, but you get the idea. I told J, "It's too early to get up," gave her the pacifier again, helped her lay down, covered her up, and shut the door. It worked twice. Each time I was so grateful to get back in bed.

This morning, I hit my actual snooze alarm five times. Each time I said to myself that this was the last time, that when it went off THIS time I was going to grab a shower, get dressed, get the kids' breakfast on the table, etc, etc, etc. Didn't happen. What finally happen is B eventually opened his door. I quickly got up before he woke up A and brought him into my room, laid him down on my bed and turned on the end of Sesame Street. He LOVED it (because he never gets to start the day like this). While he was chilling, I quickly got dressed just in time for A to wake up. I put him in bed with his brother and went down to get breakfast on the table. By the time I was finished, J was awake too, so I brought all the kids back into the boys' room to get them all dressed/beds made before we headed downstairs. We cleaned up their rooms by playing "Queen R," a game I invented last week with my Mom's Morning Out group. We were focusing on the letters Q and R for the week, so the game seemed appropriate. It's really a glorified Simon Says with no one getting out, and I give orders in a regal kind of voice. They begged me to play it with them. There is nothing cuter than hearing your children call you Queen. :)

B just ran in here complaining that he doesn't like this part (whatever was happening on tv at the time during Dragon Tales). He gets scared very easily. The bad part is that now, whenever he gets scared, J imitates him. So even though she had been next to me the whole time, she started saying that she didn't like this part either. She didn't even see it!!!

And just a quick brag: A actually READ 75% of Marvin K. Mooney, Will You Please Go Now (a Dr. Seuss book) today - the first time I heard him read a whole book. And he was actually reading the words, they weren't memorized (we haven't read it together in a while). I'm so amazed that he is reading, though my prediction in September is that he would be reading by January. Granted, still no interest in the potty, but the boy can read at the age of three!!!

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