Saturday, December 17, 2005

My fabulous Mother's Day Present

Last May when my husband asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I turned to him and told him what every SAHM desperately wants, "I want time to myself!!!!" He listened. He gave me one day a month to do whatever I wanted. Today is my December day. Can you see the smile? I just came back from meeting up with some of my FLYfriends (from our local Flylady group) for breakfast. What a great way to start the day! Came home as DH was getting the kids ready to go out. J had a poopy diaper that I didn't have to change. A carried his leaking sippy cup upside down to the kitchen, dripping milk all the way, and I didn't have to clean it up. Life is good. Of course, J showed her almost two year old personality and refused to carry her dirty diaper to the trash can (something she normally LOVES to do), even threw it at Daddy when he handed it to her the second time, so I did step in at that point and "help" her listen by putting the diaper in her one hand and take her other hand and walk her to the trash can. Halfway there she took over holding the diaper herself and was able to finish the task alone. She then went back and picked up her brother's diaper, saying, "Throw A's diaper away," and proceeded to do just that.

In any case, I plan on spending the day locked in our bedroom, spreading all my scrap supplies all over the bed, and finish all holiday gifts still left to do. Since the kids and DH were planning to go the library when it opened (as was I), DH will be coming back to pick me up so we can all go together. I plan on picking up a few girly films to watch while I work to make the day extra enjoyable. I need to finish three pages of a photo sharing card of J's life (times three - gifts to be given to three different people), the cover page of the two calendars that I had made at Staples, and the scrapbook of my mom's surprise party we threw for her last month. I also need to decorate the ornament I make for my FIL each year with the kids' picture on it. That will probably take me the whole day, but I'll be loving it! If I have any extra time, I would love to box up all the papers lying around the computer and sort/purge as much as I can, but we'll see how the gifts go. This is the most on-the-ball I have EVER been with the holidays. No staying up until two finishing hand-made gifts the day before we leave to celebrate Christmas at my in-law's house this year!

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