Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rushed morning

I slept in this morning (the alarm didn't re-ring after I hit snooze for the fourth time), so I had to skip my morning shower (if I run into you today pretend you don't notice). It's really hard for me to feel awake without it! So now I'm kind of dragging.

Had a great night last night - out to dinner with friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. A night out with grown-ups - YAY! :) It was lots of fun, but then I got home around 10 and stayed up a little too late winding down.

J just got a toy car to go down the slide of our toy garage. She looked up at me with such amazement that she got it to work.

Okay, DN-A is running around screaming and J is chasing him yelling NO - have to mediate.

I'm back. Alright, have to get the kids ready to leave for the day. The boys are going to school in half an hour and J and I are going to our MOMS Club meeting. J is now sitting on the floor crying, "More more poopy" so I should probably check her diaper. I swear she is going to be potty trained before A. I know, every kid learns at their own pace and you can't rush these things, but I've been bringing A to the potty every hour or two for the last two weeks and he has yet to ever pee on it. B always peed a lot, so it didn't take him long to figure out what to do. I'm not quite sure what to do about A. If anyone reading this (is anyone reading this?) has ANY suggestions, PLEASE let me know!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I'm so glad you came out last night. It's nice to out with adults and have no one needs to care for immediately, except your own.

For potty training, I say let 'em go around naked and bribe with candy. When he does finally gets some pee in the pot, have a big party for him and make a huge deal about it. Boys are notoriously late. It will happen soon. Does he have underpants? You could also let him pick out some big boy underpants. Good luck with it.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the advice, Elizabeth. His twin has been in underpants for awhile, but that doesn't seem to affect Aaron. Yeah, I guess we should try the naked thing. Just can't do it in the mornings when he's either in school or at school here with other kids. But I could try the afternoons. Hmmm....

Elaine said...

$75 and a three-day weekend. The three-day weekend is when you let the kid run around pantsless, so that they feel it and recognize how unpleasant it is running down their legs, so they make the choice to go to the bathroom the next time.

The $75 is for the carpet cleaner people to come in and clean it up when it's all over.

I also found that training Helen with a timer made it much less naggy -- then the TIMER was the one telling her to go, not Mommy. Even now, when she hears a certain timer go off, she insists, "I do NOT need to go potty!" Heh.

Rachel said...

Unfortunately, Elaine, I doubt Aaron would care. He never cares about being wet or poopy. In fact, we went through a VERY long phase (over a year) were he would "paint" himself and his crib with, um . . . the contents of his diaper. I suppose I should just try it, though. It would be tough to focus on just him for the weekend. I'll have to plan a time and just do it.