Monday, December 26, 2005


We went to my in-laws for Christmas, as we always do. It's my way for this Jewish girl to survive the holiday. We don't do Christmas at our house; we go to my in-laws and do it all there. This year, my ILs slept downstairs, the kids took over my IL's room - the boys shared my ILs bed and J slept in a pack in play in the corner. DH and I "slept" on the pull out sofa bed in the office. Unfortunately, not much sleep was had by my family. B woke at 12, intent on going downstairs. He kept crying and calling for us (though did stay in bed). When we went in (taking turns) to calm him down, J woke up and freaked out, thinking we were going to take her out of her jail cell and quite indignant when we didn't. After we calmed them both down, we would return to bed, only to be awakened in a few minutes? an hour? by one or the other of them again. A remarkably slept through it all. When they awoke at 6 we decided to call it a night. Opening presents was quite nice, and we spread it out this year so the kids weren't overwhelmed too bad (though it is still quite overwhelming being the only grandchildren to my ILs - LOTS of presents!!!). We decided to come home last night rather than attempt another potentially sleepless night at my ILs (we normally spend two nights).

I realized that this was my 14th year celebrating Christmas instead of doing the traditional Jewish thing (going out for Chinese food and seeing a movie). Hard to believe.

And last night I came down with the mother of all bad colds. Okay, not that bad, but tied into the worst day of my period, I feel like crap! Luckily DH took them all morning. I'm about to change diapers, put J down for a nap and the boys down for "quiet time" and maybe I'll be able to lay down for a little more.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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