Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still sick, but faking normalcy

I feel like I'm walking around in a total fog. It's not as bad as it could be, but it's just that foggy blech, eyes burning, head pounding feeling that makes me want to go upstairs and die, I mean go to sleep. DH was home today (he's off all week!) and helped me with the Mom's Morning Out (I'm so grateful - the noise alone would have split my head open if I had been alone), but he ran out to chill at Border's as soon as I started lunch. It's totally fair - we've split up this whole week so we both have time on our own to do whatever - but it's a little frustrating to me. In my free time, yes, I will be spending my gift certificates to Kohl's (YES! I have been wearing my one pair of jeans so much that a hole is forming in the knee - can't wait to buy NEW clothes that only I have worn!), but my big plan is to box up all the @#$% paper around this house and sort through it. Woohooo - sound like fun? There are 50 million projects to do around this house - I would love to take care of at least ONE this week. Anyway, DH is coming home in 20 minutes. We just worked it out (gotta love being able to speak up for myself instead of playing the martyr - I'm really working on this one!) so I will take a nap when he gets home and then he will take the rest of the afternoon to do whatever he wants. I will get Thursday afternoon for myself.

Anyway, let me try to at least clean off the counters before DH gets home, maybe get the papers boxed up as a start.

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