Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve

Our plans for New Year's have COMPLETELY changed, but I'm really looking forward to tonight. We had originally invited a bunch of people who also have young kids to come to our house for New Year's for a "family friendly party" - starting at 4, ending whenever kids started melting down. It would have been the perfect thing for people like us who didn't feel like getting a babysitter but still wanted to have a good time with friends. Well, we feel like total losers because NO ONE could come. There was one family who couldn't commit but thought they might be able to stop by, and that was IT! So ultimately we decided to just cancel the non-existant party. Of course after we did that, three different families have come out of the woodwork to celebrate with us, but we already have plans now.

We are going out to dinner with N and her husband B. N is literally my oldest friend (we've been friends since first grade). Unfortunately she lives about an hour and a half away, so getting together is never as simple as we'd like. Tonight should be fun. We're leaving here at 2:30 to get to there house at 4. The kids will all exchange presents for the holidays and play for a little and then we have a babysitter coming who is willing to (and experienced enough to) watch all SIX kids. The adults will go out for an early dinner and then we'll come back, get the kids ready for bed and drive home. DH and I have rented a movie for the two of us to watch after the kids are in bed, and then we'll turn in. We have attempted to stay up to ring in the New Year for so many years now, and it has been so hard, harder every year. This year we're finally giving ourselves permission to go to bed at our regular time and we're thrilled. The kids get up around 6:30 every morning - it's really tough staying up to midnight or later and then dealing with them real early in the AM. So I'm looking forward to tonight!

My goal is to balance the checkbook (ugh!) and clean the house (double ugh!) before we leave this afternoon. I want to start the New Year with my finances in (relative) order and a clean house. DH is taking J to the doctor to get a rash checked out (I think he'll tell DH to apply Cortisone cream and a strong moisturizer like Eucerin or Vaseline to it, but he wants to get it checked out officially), but when he comes back he'll be in charge of the kids until 12. I plan to clean the upstairs and as much of the downstairs as I can during the time. And, if the boys let me, I'm going to try balancing the checkbook now (it's on the computer, which is in the playroom). I will feel fabulous if I can start the New Year like this. Just have to keep reminding myself of that so I don't get distracted.

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