Friday, December 30, 2005

Cough, cough

Figures - my first chance to sleep in and my coughing wakes me up at 4. And there's nothing on tv that early. I had lots of things planned for today; DH has the kids until 1. Now I probably should work in a nap. Oh well, can't complain - of all the weeks to get sick, the one week that he is home from school is the best!

I've been having trouble falling asleep recently, focusing on our financial situation. Things wouldn't be so tight right now if we weren't trying to keep both boys in preschool right now. They go three mornings a week. Two tuitions is killer! Right now we're trying to make decisions about what we're doing this summer. For so many people that means where/how they should spend their vacation. For us it means how are we going to pay our bills since I don't teach at the synagogue over the summer. On the one hand, I will begin getting paid double what I'm currently paid starting in March when I begin watching my soon to be born niece or nephew (DN-A's brother or sister). That will help. And DH is going to be paid to co-teach a 2 day, one credit college course for the PA Writing and Literature Project (we're both fellows). But now we're trying to determine if I should teach at the PWLP summer writing camp and/or run the "camp" that we did last summer at our house. Basically I extended the MMO that I run during the school year and did a preschool camp. We figured that with DH and I both running it we could accept up to 6 kids (the rule is you can watch up to 3 unrelated kids, with the two of us that's 6) but we didn't have that many. We had a lot of fun running it together, coming up with fun ideas for our kids plus any extras to do. But we still don't know DH's summer schedule yet - he may be taking classes towards his masters. He might not be here to help. Bottom line, I have to figure out how much I need to make this summer to cover all our current expenses. Who knows - if I can make enough, we might have enough to take a short vacation! We probably should put any extra into savings, as we went through all of that paying for tuition this year. It's so complicated. I feel I'm a relatively intelligent person, but I just can't figure out how to work our budget so we end up putting money away. And we're definitely not spending money on frivelous stuff! It's very frustrating.

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Anjali said...

In a year and a half, the boys will both be in school. Try to keep that in mind this upcoming year.

What about asking if either of the grandparents could help out with one of the tuitions?