Friday, December 23, 2005

House Envy

I went to a playdate at a house in a neighboring town yesterday and came home with a severe case of house envy. DH and I talked about it later that night, and we're both on the same page - we think (and I hope this proves to be true) that we can afford a much bigger house in that town than what we currently own in this town. The amount of space in the house I was in was fabulous - I could think of ten different ways that I could utilize each room! I literally could not go to sleep last night because I kept thinking of all the different things I could do. I fell asleep dreaming about a finished basement used only as a large playroom, and how I would designate each corner as something else. One corner would be the creativity corner, set up with a table and arts and crafts supplies. One wall (the far left wall, to be exact) would be painted with chalkboard paint and magnetic paint. We would pull up the rug for that wall so the chalk dust would be wiped clean each night. I would buy some of those big pillows that are vinyl (?) and can be cleaned off - they're different shapes and the kids can climb on them. We could even put some riding toys down there. I could even do the majority of my Mom's Morning Out down there, and if I added on doing Mommy and Me classes, it would be the perfect space. I can visualize a lot of what I would do with a house like that, so it really leads me to think it might happen. We had been planning to stay here forever, adding on when we could afford it. The main reason we planned to stay was we have fabulous neighbors. When I mentioned my thoughts to DH, he told me that every time he drove through this town on the way to work he has thought the same thing. So I guess now I need to start investigating houses in the area. It's all very preliminary (our deadline would be before the kids start KINDERGARTEN so we have some time - the boys are only 3 1/2), but also very exciting! Have to get the kids dressed now (B woke up requesting a treatment - he needed it - so we came downstairs in our pajamas) and ready for school, but can't wait to start researching it!!!

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