Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Warming my heart

Nothing warms a parent's heart more than going into your children's room in the morning to a chorus of, "We want DADDY!!!" The cries and whines increase as I tell them that Daddy is getting ready for work and that I'm getting them dressed today, just like usual. Aaaahh - the true rewards of being a SAHM. Just doesn't get any better than hearing your children cry, "But we don't want you - where is DADDY?!!" Life is good.

I went to Kohl's last night and used up my two gift cards on clothes for myself, bought with no guilt. Because I was focused, I actually went back and forth to the dressing room SEVERAL times (I hate shopping, so that alone is pretty remarkable) and even left the store with several pairs of jeans and long sleeve shirts. Not bad! Plus Kohl's has a special right now so I now have a paper for $20 more dollars to spend in the store starting Thursday until the following week. Woohoo! :) Considering I NEVER go shopping and have been wearing the same pair of jeans (my only pair of jeans) for a very long time (don't judge me!), I'm very proud of myself.

There is a kids' concert at the library today (free, of course) at 2, so I'm going to have to adjust lunch times so I can adjust nap times so we can be up and at the library by 2. It will be tricky, but worth it. Better start the morning in earnest so we can go out in order to get back, eat early, nap early, and get up and ready to go out the door.


Mom Nancy said...

Good for you, Rachel, with the clothes. Hope you have a good time at the library and are feeling better.

Elaine said...

I recently upgraded my wardrobe a bit, and it was such a wonderful gift to myself! I had been wearing either maternity clothes or transition clothes for four years, so all of my regular clothes were sadly out of date. To finally be a little bit stylish was an absolute joy. And I hate shopping, too, so I totally understand where you're coming from!

(bought all mine from, from the comfort of my kitchen table -- LOL!)