Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ways to make my life easier

My life would be so much easier if I would just DO all the different things that I know would make my life easier! Does that make sense? I love FLYlady (www.flylady.net). Using all her tricks and techniques has literally changed my life. I had a very productive day yesterday, partly from adapting something I heard Marla talk about at the Baltimore FLYfest that some friends and I went to in November (I know, I'm a total dork). I have so many papers to sort through - they seem to multiply over night! So I set a timer to go off every thirty minutes. While two of the kids were napping and the other two were laying on the floor for "quiet time" (Why are they laying on the floor instead of the perfectly comfortable couches? Don't ask me!), I got a chance to do some work that I needed to get done. But every thirty minutes, when the timer went off, I would go to my pile of papers and take care of 3-4 (working for about one or two minutes). Then I'd go back to my work until the timer went off again. Doing this, I was able to go through an entire box of stuff! Some people might think why didn't I just work straight through on the papers, but it's just so overwhelming that I would have procrastinated until it NEVER got done. This way, I was able to do a little bit at a time without hardly noticing.

Anyway, one of the things that I know works really well is doing a "Before Bed Routine." It's like a present I give my future self in the morning. When I got home from teaching Hebrew School last night, what I SHOULD have done was clean up the living room (put away toys, vacuum), wipe down the table and counters, make lunches for today - all these things would have made my morning SO much easier. But instead I collapsed on the couch and then eventually went upstairs. And now I'm kicking myself!

It's Tuesday and I run my Mom's Morning Out starting at 9. So . . . in the next forty-five minutes, I need to: clean up from breakfast, brush everybody's teeth and hair, change diapers (again) and do another potty run, run the cordless vacuum (Love my Shark!) in the Living Room and Dining Room, gather a load of laundry and put it in (have to do one load a day), prep for activities for today (we're making Oatmeal Raisin cookies for "R" week), get shoes on two of my kids, and clean off flat surfaces in the kitchen and dining room. Here goes!

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