Friday, March 24, 2006

Am I Crazy?

My DH and sister think I am.
I watch J's kids four days a week, Monday through Friday. The boys are in school Friday mornings. I just agreed to watch one of the kids that comes to my Friday Shabbat program (that starts at 12:15) on Friday mornings. The mom will bring her here (I'm expecting her any minute), the girls will play together, and then I'll bring both girls to my Friday program where the mom will meet us. I'll get an extra $20-$30 for DH and I to go out and I don't think it's going to be a strain at all - what's the big deal. I'm envisioning having both girls play in the boys' room while I clean my room for 15 minutes (the current FLYlady zone) and then in J's room while I finish sorting her clothing. I think it will be fine.
I'll let you know.


Anjali said...

You're not crazy, just amazing. :)

Abbe L. said...

Soooo..... how did it go?