Saturday, March 18, 2006

SOOO Confused!!

When I look at my blog, it still looks messed up. I see on the sidebar the title (About Me - I think that's what it says) and my name and then the rest of the sidebar is underneath my last post at the bottom of the page. Is that what everyone else is seeing?

PLEASE delurk and tell me how it looks to you! It's driving me crazy.


Mom Nancy said...

Rachel, Everything looks fine to me.

Lucy T said...


I see a full side bar with name, location, yada yada about the scrapbooking, theater, etc. That paragraph is followed by links to your archives. It looks fine. Maybe your screen resolution needs to be set to a smaler size so it all fits on your monitor? Don't know much about this, but for starters, I am looking at it through a resolution setting of 1024 x 768. What resolution are looking at it thru?

mysticwill said...


Cel said...

Rachel, I see your profile at the top on the left sidebar. Then there are links. I think that's what its supposed to look like, right?

ChipmunkMomma said...

Rachel, Your blog looks great. I don't see the problem that you're seeing.


Chaotic Mom said...

Yup, Rachel, looks good. Did it have a background color before? I sent you a better answer on the yahoo forum. I looked it up for you at Blogger's site, tons of people are having problems. At least Blogger is a free service, right? Still very frustrating.

I had to use their free program, Picasa, to load photos today. Seems like Blogger isn't loading them right now, either. Yikes!