Friday, March 31, 2006

Finally Friday

I really like my Friday mornings. The boys are at school and J and the little girl that I'm babysitting get along really well. I figured I'll be interrupted just as many times with two two-year-olds as I would with one, and this way I'm making a little extra cash! So it's actually working out!

But I'm tired now. We went to the Temple early because there was supposed to be a Passover concert for the boys that I figured I would take J and her friend to, but they had to push the concert earlier so we came in for the last five minutes. One of the kids in my boys' class was having a rough day behaviorally, so I told their teacher that I would go back to the room with the class and her assistant for the rest of the morning - I was there anyway, why not? So even though we missed the concert, it worked out really nicely that I could be there.

On our way home from school, A announced that he wanted B to go to school on the next school day and he would stay home. B quickly turned to him and said that he couldn't do that because then he "would be alone" (lonely) without his best friend. It was so sweet. Don't know what prompted A to say that, but how sweet was that response!

We had an evening playdate at a friend's house Wednesday. The plan had been that after letting the kids play for awhile, we would get some pizza and let them watch it in front of a Wiggles video. After watching long enough to eat almost a whole slice, A put his hands over his ears and came to me near tears because the ball going "boing" scared him. I finally discovered that between each song there was a graphic of a ball bringing on the next title and it went boing. This was scaring him so much that he became hysterical, couldn't even stay on the steps, had to go upstairs (we were in the basement) out of earshot. Eventually I requested that we put on something else and we agreed on a new Dora DVD. A thought it was a great idea as well, but then decided he was now terrified of Dora so again, he couldn't go downstairs. I thought that this might be a cry for attention, but his hands stayed over his ears (he does this when he's scared) and his body was rigid at the idea of going downstairs. I would have gone home if it were just him, but B and J were still eating and were having a great time. I set A up with some toys upstairs and spent most of the rest of the hour going up and down the stairs to check on all of them.

I'll be very happy once they start evaluating him. Not that I want something to be wrong, but I hope we get a diagnosis of something or are given some direction to go in, some strategies to try. PLEASE!


Tracy Russell said...

My son will be 3 July 1st and he used to watch Dora all the time. He now watches Blues Clues alot but still watches Dora now and Then. He screams and cries at certain parts of the show and sometimes my 4 year old will aggravate him by singing parts of it too. It is crazy and sometimes I just make him change it but I don't think their is anything wring with him. I think he is in touch with his emotions at a very young age. I cry at movies and my sone cries at Dora. email me if you would like to chat at

Tracy said...

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