Sunday, March 19, 2006

Clean Sweep

I have great friends.
Karin worked hard to figure out what was up with my messed up blog, tried several things, and had to give up because she agreed with me and it made no sense. My FLYlady friends from my local Yahoo message board support group (does that describe us?) all did me a favor and checked it out, but everyone was telling me that it looked fine. Finally one called me up and together we changed the screen resolution and text size and TADA! Now it looks okay to me, too. My son, the reason I now lock the computer up so he can't get to it, even though he has figured out that any key he finds will allow him to pick the lock, actually changed the settings on my computer. He has also changed the color somewhat and I cannot figure out how to get it back. Do you know how hard it is to play Solitaire when you can't tell what's red and black?!!

In any case, it looks fine to me right now too. Of course, tomorrow it might look strange again, but we'll have to wait and see.

I have so many special projects that I want to do around the house, so many great ideas. But I'm having so much trouble just doing the basic routines that I feel I'm never getting to anything else. I surpised DH yesterday by hiring my niece to babysit and we hung out at a Borders. I spent some time looking at a book for the tv show Clean Sweep. We no longer get the channel TLC, but when we did it was my favorite show. It made me inspired again. Besides the basement and the attic, we don't really have rooms that are so overwhelming. But we do have more than we need in this house. ultimate goal is one room at a time, I want to Clean Sweep this house. I know I can't do it alone, and I know I'll have to hire a babysitter when we do it, but wow - wouldn't that be great?!! DH has spring break in April, maybe I'll get him to take the kids to the park and I could start with a closet or something. I'm so excited I want to start right now. But, no, I have an hour left until he picks me up to go to his parents (where he and the kids are right now) for dinner - I'm off to do a Weekly Home Blessing (clean or "bless" the house for those not up on FLYlady-speak).


Mom Nancy said...


You are one of the reasons our group is so great and supportive. I really miss you and your wisdom!

Chaotic Mom said...

Rachel, if you're INTERESTED, I could tape the Clean Sweep show and you could watch it over here sometime... ;)

I LOVE that show!