Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Mish mash of stuff - like my life

I had time to check my favorite blogs this morning, leave an entry at The Chaotic Home (please, someone, explain to me how to make that the cool blue color that links you to the actual blog!) to hopefully win the What's for Dinner? contest she has going on, check my e-mail, I even checked my Statcounter to see how many people had stopped by today. I was quite disappointed to see that it was a much smaller number than usual. Couldn't figure that one out and then I realized that gee, maybe I might want to actually write a blog entry today, maybe that would at least give people something to READ for today when they stop by. So, Internet, here's my entry for today:

I bit the bullet and joined a gym today. I figured out that I could go on Monday and Wednesday mornings after I drop the boys off at school. They have babysitting there, nothing fabulous, but the girl seems really nice. I could do a 9:30 class any day of the week, which works out nice. I could also do a thirty minute workout like I used to do at Curves and really enjoyed (only stopped because they did NOT have babysitting). I might even get really bold and don my bathing suit and swim some laps! I really like swimming, but usually don't go because I'm self conscious of both my body and it's challenging for me to, ummm...maintain my bikini line. But apparently most of the people who use the pool at that time of day are senior citizens, and, not to be rude, but I do look better than all of them! So I might just do it. I think I'll get up early Saturday morning and go swim.

I'm going to a MOMS Club luncheon that's about two hours away on Saturday. I had thought that I'd be able to carpool with someone from my chapter, but everyone has made other arrangements, whether it's going up the night before, staying Saturday night with family, or visiting friends after the luncheon. I do NOT want to drive the whole two hours there and two hours back by myself. It's not that I'm scared or anything, I just get so tired driving long distances I'm kind of nervous about falling asleep. That would really not be good. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and called up the president of the old MOMS Club that I used to belong to. She has caller id so knew who I was right away, which definitely made it easier, and she knew as soon as I said that I had a weird favor to ask her what I wanted. She offered a ride in her van with four other moms - sweet. A much better option than driving alone. Soooo glad I asked.

I also stepped out of my comfort zone again today to ask two different preschool moms if they'd like to come over for a playdate tomorrow. One is able to, one already had plans, but they both seemed so pleased to be asked it definitely makes it easier to try to do it again. This is something that is so tough for me to do, but, as the kids love telling me for various things these days, "It's no big deal!"

Yesterday was pretty tough with DN-J, but I did get her to take a decent afternoon nap, so that helped. Hopefully tomorrow goes better!


Chaotic Mom said...

I understand what you mean about stepping out of your comfort zone. I feel that same way when talking to others, asking for help.

Rachel, I linked up your recipe.

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Ooh... Middle kid is sick, more later...

Rachel said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I did it - can't believe it was THAT easy!!!