Thursday, March 30, 2006

Surviving Five Kids

The kids are dressed to their shoes, teeth brushed, faces washed, noses blown repeatedly (two of the three are running like a faucet, the third having minor nose bleeds needing to be wiped away), J has been captured from escaping upstairs and is now "sleeping" on the couch (one of her favorite games - boy, does she take after me or what?!!), the three boys are watching PBS, and Baby J is in her car seat next to me, content to be smiled at every few seconds. So far so good.

I was asleep by 10 last night, defintely better than I had been doing, but considering how wiped I was by 7:30 (when I got the kids in bed) I should have gone to bed much earlier. I have to learn to listen to my body! At least everyone slept through the night finally, so I was able to actually sleep through until DH got up at 5:15 (!) and started getting ready for the day. We got downstairs by 7:20, which isn't bad, but we didn't straighten up the boys' room before we went down, so that's not so good. But after I finish checking in here, I will finish cleaning up from breakfast. I've decided that when DN-J is here, I have permission to not get anything else accomplished except my basic routines. Now if I happen to be able to accomplish more, I will be quite impressed with myself.

Apparently Karin (hee hee, I'm using my new trick now!) "infected" me with some virus. I need to read it some more to figure out what I need to do. It sounds really neat - a way to get us non-A-list blogs read more. I'm all for that, so thank you!

I've just enlisted both DN-A and J to try to make Baby J smile. I don't know if I'll regret this. I swear, any time I hold this baby, I spend most of my time protecting her from the other four. They all want to love her to death!

Looks like DN-J is ready for her first nap of the day. Either that or she's a little overwhelmed from DN-A rocking her, B making faces, and J poking her. Either way, time to save her.


Chaotic Mom said...

I am SO finished with three boys. No more for me, thank you! Maybe to visit with, playdates, that kind of thing. But I have reached my own personal limits here. ;)

Jamie said...

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I read your blog every now and then. I don't exactly remember how I found it... I think from a friend of a friends blog. Anyway, just wanted to let you know!

By the way, I don't know how you can keep up with 5 all day, you must be a saint!

Rachel said...

Wow, Jamie, thanks for letting me know you read my blog. That's the amazing thing about the internet and blogs - you can meet total strangers and find out what's going on in their life!