Thursday, March 16, 2006

Overactive bladders

My wonderful friend Karin has sent me a revised template to try to fix this messed up one, so after I post this I'm going to attempt to use it. Wish me luck!

We don't have to be anywhere until 10:30 - DN-A's going to be meeting us - so we had a slow morning. Translation - I let the kids play in the boys' room while I laid in bed watching the Today Show. We don't do that often, but it's so nice when we do. Of course now their room is trashed and I was too hungry once they were dressed to make them clean it up, so we'll just do that later. Really. We will.

We have a Purim story hour at our library this morning (sponsered by Jewish Federation). After lunch and naps/quiet time, Karin is coming over with two of her kids so we can make hamantaschen (I'll be cheating by using sugar cookie dough, but that doesn't really matter). Then we're off to another friend's house for a pizza playdate. A terrific afternoon/evening for a Thursday when DH has his grad class. I try to plan stuff for that day so the long day/night is not too tough. Of course, this week I messed up - when I told DH about our plans for today at dinner last night, he reminded me that he does NOT have class tonight due to the school's spring break. "But remember? I told you about that already." Ummm, no, I didn't remember. I would forget my own name if it wasn't written in a few places around here. Is it crossed off on the calendar? NOOO!!! Okay, it turns out it's not a big deal because he has a lot of work to do and will just stay late at work, but still . . .

Okay, I'm totally thrilled with having a little girl who is potty trained. It's fabulous. HOWEVER. She wants to pee on that toilet every two minutes - and I'm hardly exaggerating. We only have one bathroom and it's upstairs. Peeing on the little potty in the living room is not good enough. She wants to "go pee upstairs." If I let her go alone, she soon takes everything in the bathroom drawers out of the drawers and flushes the toilet with 400 yards of toilet paper in it at least ten times. So I need to stop everything and take her up. I'm trying to tell her to try to hold it in some, but even when she has just peed, she wipes herself, throws the paer in the bowl, flushes, and then says, "I have to pee!" And it starts all over again!!! I know, I know, I shouldn't complain, and I am happy that she knows what to do. And I know that once the novelty wears off she won't want to go so often. But how high will our water bill BE by then?!!


politically incorrect mom said...

Oh potty training is such a mixed blessing isn't it? I have one who's ready to train, but I keep putting it off because... well, because I trained his big brother so I know what I'm in for! Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon!

Elaine said...

We call this the North American Potty Tour.

Alice is interested, and will likely be trained late spring/early summer when I can let her run around naked for a few days.

In the meantime, we just put her on the potty at every opportunity, trying to get it to be part of her routine. And so far, she has performed EVERY time. Amazes me. A full year ahead of her sister.

Anonymous said...
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