Monday, March 13, 2006

Returning to the Land of the Living

So let's see . . .
Friday was my bad mommy day. J woke up with a cold. I was feeling rushed and wanted to get out the door, so I ignored the fact that she was coughing a little and did not do a nebulizer treatment. Not a good idea for a kid with Reactive Airway Disease. DS volunteered to take her for the morning (woohoo) so I didn't see her again until 12. By then she was already wheezing and retracting (her ribs were apparent with every breath she took, meaning she was working really hard to breathe). I quickly did a treatment, but it was really too late. I tried another one two hours later (as opposed to four, like we would usually do) since she wasn't responding, but that one didn't work either. We ended up at the ER around 5:30 and stayed until 12:30. If I could have done that day over again, I would have 1) done a treatment at the first sign of a cough, since I know it can get out of hand so fast, 2) picked up dinner on our way to the ER, since we know there's always a long wait, 3) only given J a little bit of her dinner that I picked up from the cafeteria there, since she hadn't eaten in a while and I wasn't sure how she'd react to a lot of food, 4) packed a lightweight sleeper for J to change into, because when she threw up her entire dinner all over herself in the waiting room, I didn't want to put her in a winter sleeper for the rest of our time there since she was running a fever, 5) packed her pacifier, since she doesn't go to sleep without it and it would have really helped by the time we were over three hours past her bedtime and she STILL had not fallen asleep, 6) bought water to drink instead of the two sodas I had since they eneded up keeping me awake very long into the night. Okay, that's about all. Live and learn.

The next day I was very tired (staying up until 3 will do that). I made it to the Mothers of Multiples used clothing/equipments sale and bought a lot of great stuff for the kids. By the time I got home DH had to leave for the rest of the day. Soon after I gave the kids lunch I developed the stomach bug and had to keep running to the bathroom. Yuck. And when I was not in dire need of the toilet, my stomach cramped and cramped very painfully. I finally took all the kids out to the yard (gotta love fenced in yards) and let them play while I sat in a chair. Had a lot that I had wanted to do, but it had to wait. DH returned at 5, I headed upstairs.

Sunday I had to work at the Purim Carnival at the synagogue. Still not on real food yet, but working the preschool game room. It was fun! When I was finished there, I went home, planning to clean the house but instead camped out on the couch (or in the bathroom). Fun.

I believe I accidentally missed taking my medication on Sunday, because I woke up today VERY dizzy. Stomach didn't feel too great either, but the dizziness was what was killing me. Took it easy as much as I could today, taking J to a program at the library after dropping the boys off at school. J played, I sat. After lunch, DN-A and J napped, the boys watched tv, I laid on the couch. DH got home early and I got to rest upstairs. I started feeling well enough to go out a little, so managed to run a couple errands. Nice to be returning to the land of the living!


Chaotic Mom said...

I've been WONDERING where you were! I hope you all feel better soon. I'm tired just reading your post! ;)

MoMMY said...

Ah, the Purim Carnival! I went to my first one last night. The kids had a blast and the service was hysterical (the rabbis, cantor, and a few others did it in the style of the musical Chicago - it was written by two surprisingly young members). Hope you are feeling better today.