Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, J

Two years ago right about now I was being taken up to the maternity ward having delivered my little girl about four hours ago. What an experience! I had to have general anasthesia for my emergency c-section with the boys after being on all kinds of drugs to stop the preterm labor for the eight weeks on bedrest, so I don't remember too much about that (except what I've been told - and it wasn't pretty). With J I got to have the birth experience that I wanted: my family all around me, being aware and actively participating, the incredible sense of accomplishment that I was able to do what I had set out to do, and then, the huge surprise at the end - a girl!

We thought we were done after we had the boys. We thought after five years of infertility and two IVF cycles that it would be impossible for us to conceive on our own. We were wrong! And as amazed as I was when we found out we were pregnant, I am so glad I have this amazing little girl in our lives.

Happy birthday, baby J - you're not a baby anymore!


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Mom Nancy said...

I can't believe it's been two years already! I remember going to Marj's house when Noah was little (I guess he'd have to be one, then, huh?) and he tried to love that little girl by squeezing her to death! I remember, also, writing you an email of apology and how nice you were about his "enthusiasm." You are one of the most gracious ladies I know!

MommyWithAttitude said...

Wow... what a lot of difficulty you had to endure! Happy Birthday to Julia.

MoMMY said...

Happy Birthday, Julia!