Tuesday, March 28, 2006

President R

Okay, the baby is sleeping, the boys are still watching their morning video, and J is busy pushing her new doll stroller around with a video tape case sitting in it (don't ask me why). Just caught up on all my favorite blogs (which I know I need to get around to adding to my sidebar blogroll thingy, but not now) and now have a chance to update mine. I'm hosting a playdate today for the MOMS Club - I called it a "Teddy Bear Playdate" to pique interest, with the idea that each kid would bring a teddy bear and we would do teddy bear activities. Well, no one RSVPed until yesterday, so I didn't really think it was going to happen, so I didn't really plan anything. Two people are coming now, so I need to come up with SOMETHING! Hmmmm.... I guess just having the bears with us and maybe doing "Teddy Bear Teddy Bear" together, maybe making teddy bear faces out of round crackers and raisins, maybe that will be enough. Hope so!

I've been going back and forth with whether to run for presidency of the MOMS Club again or just be a regular member this coming year. On the one hand, I'm really tired and would love to just be a member. On the other hand, the club is sistering, with almost half the members becoming their own chapter based on location because we got so large. This will be a unique opportunity to make changes and reach out to each member. It will be really exciting and I'd hate to miss the chance and look back later and kick myself for giving up so soon. This past year as president has been fine, but was really affected by one very negative board member (who actually is no longer even a member of the club anymore) who decided that I was completely against her and just made every Board meeting extremely tense. I even tried talking with her about it once, asking her if everything was okay between us because I feel this tension and don't know where it came from, telling her that if I had done something to offend her that I appologize. She accepted the apology and then proceeded to point out that we don't all have to be friends (which I had said before) and began to list all the different reasons why she doesn't really like me. AAARRGH!! After that, she resigned from the Board, and soon after, from the club. Very frustrating, especially because I don't know what I could have done differently. I like to learn something from every situation, and I don't know what I'm coming away from that whole mess with. I do know and understand that this was mostly and her thing, that she is an extremely depressed negative person, but since so much of her anger/negativity got directed at me, it was kind of hard not to feel responsible. In any case, my point is that if I was president again, I wouldn't have to deal with that so it would be a lot better.

The kids' video just ended so I should go. Still don't know what I'll do about MOMS Club, but it was nice to write that all down. I think I'm leaning towards running again, but I'm still not positive.

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Chaotic Mom said...

I was President of a Navy Spouses Club. Because nobody wanted to deal with the VP. I quickly found out why and hated every second I had with her. Learned how to politic around her, too.

I did a good job, but had to quit to take care of James when he was going through his balance problems, and to maintain my sanity. AND all of the other members wanted to take from my efforts, but had plenty of excuses for NOT giving back to the club with some of their own energy.

I think if it weren't for the VP, though, we all would have had more fun, more women would have pitched in with helping out. I might have stayed on as Pres.