Monday, January 09, 2006

Busy morning, already behind

Didn't go to bed on time.
Didn't clean off my hot spots.
Didn't even get out of bed when I should have. In fact, I even made J get in bed with me after she absolutely refused to go back to sleep and turned on Elmo for her just so I could sleep a little more.

Hanging my head in shame.

Now I'm very behind! I could kick myself. It's such a nasty cycle I get myself in all the time.

I have to finish getting the kids ready for school (teeth and hair brushed, shoes and socks on, show and tell items picked out), clean up from breakfast, and plan out at least the meals for the week so I can go grocery shopping later this morning. After I drop the boys off at school I will be meeting a MOMS Club friend at IHOP for "breakfast" (I plan on bringing J's cereal and milk with me, I might order a hot chocolate) and then heading to the grocery store. Hopefully I can get the groceries put away before we need to pick up the boys.

Really need to run, but just had to share: I found out what 5 morning a week tuition costs at the boys' school for this year (I'm guessing it will go up some for next year). It's going to cost us $600 a month to send them to Pre-K at the Temple. Impossible. I'm going to contact the Temple Board and the Rabbi to see if any financial assistance is possible. I also casually mentioned it to my MIL - we would not turn down help if they offered. And we'll see.


jess said...

Go easy on yourself! New routines are really tough.

Does the school have a bursary program? Why turn down money from family?

Rachel said...

What is a bursary program?
Oh, and don't misunderstand - I would NOT turn down any money offered from anyone, my DH just didn't want to outright ask for help. If it's offered to us, I think he'll be fine accepting it. Know what I mean?