Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Took the cereal box away from A and ended up spilling it on the floor.

Stayed up too late last night and am now going to be tired all day.

Didn't get up when the alarm went off so I was not able to get a head start on the day.

Did not clear off all my hot spots before I went to bed so now I'm starting the day behind.

Never prepped dinner or made the kids' lunches yesterday so now have to squeeze it in sometime this morning.

I feel like I am making life so much harder for myself than it needs to be!!!


In the next thirty minutes (because my Mom's Morning Out kids arrive at 9) I need to:
  1. Take my pills
  2. Clean up from breakfast
  3. Brush my teeth and hair
  4. Get dinner in crockpot - Naaa, scrap that, I need to search the fridge for leftovers!
  5. Get the kids' hair and teeth brushed
  6. Put shoes on the boys
  7. Clean up living room and dining room and kitchen so they are relatively presentable.


Let's see, life could have been so much easier if I had done #7 last night and if I had gotten up earlier the rest of the list would be done now too.

After MMO today I take the kids to preschool so they can have lunch and I can meet with the boys' teacher for conferences. Then I drive DN-A home so he can take a nap and my kids can meet the new baby. Then we go home so I can put J down for a nap. I need to try to buy groceries on-line (Acmemarkets.com) - never did it before but would like to try! I also need to balance my on-line checkbook and pay a few bills. I need to prep tomorrow's meals this afternoon because I'm going out tonight to a Mothers and More meeting. And I plan to go to bed as soon as I get back from that meeting. Okay, that's my plan.

Here goes.

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