Monday, January 30, 2006

Weepy, yucky eyes

B seems to have pink eye or some other nasty eye infection. He's had it since yesterday. His right eye especially is all swollen and weepy. He was up a lot last night, coughing and complaining. At 2 I gave him a cold pill (the last one - getting him to take liquid is near impossible, so we stick with the quick dissolve pills - he even gagged at the Triaminic quick dissolve strips) and some ibuprofen. At least he was able to get about 3 more hours of sleep.

I'm trying to call the doctor right now to get an appointment for right after I drop DN-A and A off at school, but they're not picking up. Normally I would just try to have the doctor call in a prescription but I want to get him checked out because 1) his eye actually isn't pink, though it is quite swollen and gross, and 2) he had a fever yesterday, though not now, and that's not a side effect of pink eye that I read about so I want to see if there's more going on, or if it's something else entirely. Hopefully they will pick up soon - I'm calling during their "question hour".

Yesterday was my opportunity to clean the house. I teach until 1 and DH takes the kids to his parents for most of the day. I join them around 4 for dinner. So I get a decent amount of time to clean and prep the house for the week. I didn't get home until 1:45, and by the time I put my stuff away, I had convinced myself to lay down for a little bit first and THEN clean. Yeah, right. I ended up waking up at 3:45 when DH came home to pick me up. DAMN!!! I missed out on all that time. And it wasn't even GOOD sleep. I kept resetting my timer for another ten minutes, and another ten minutes. It wouldn't have been good, but it would have been so much better if I had just committed to taking a long nap. I would have ended up more rested! But I did go to sleep by ten last night, so that was pretty good.

Hopefully I'll be able to get B checked out and pick up meds and be back home by 10:00. Then I can get him to lay down on the couch and maybe get some work done around here!


Chaotic Mom said...

Does he still have a fever? Good luck with the doc call/visit. Could he have allergies/congestion/ear infection, you name it?

Mom Nancy said...

I hope Brandon is okay. I'll be thinking about you today.