Monday, January 16, 2006

Funeral Homes

I know, real uplifting title, right?

Today we'll be bringing my grandfather's suit to the funeral home and meeting to discuss the arrangements. Luckily the funeral home takes care of shipping his body back home, so one less thing on our list.

I went to my parents' yesterday to begin cleaning their house to prepare for the funeral and shiva. It's funny - tried cleaning my house and only got so far as vacuuming the living room and picking up in the playroom. Was too quiet and got too distracted. So I went to my parents' and cleaned there. My mom got home from Florida and my sister and I both hung out at the house. It was nice - my mom got to talk about this last week at the hospital, about saying good-bye to her father, about the process they went through to get the ventilator turned off and to have him extabated. It seemed very cathartic for her, so I was really glad we could be there.

Spent a good amount of time watching Jessica's belly perform contortions. Even though she was due yesterday, we're hoping she can hold the baby in until Friday night (we're ending shiva Friday at noon, so that would be the conveniant time). Watching her strong contractions yesterday (the whole belly rises up to a peak, stays there for a while, then relaxes - aaahh, memories), I'm not sure she's going to make it. I guess as long as she holds out until Wednesday afternoon, since the funeral is in the AM, I'll consider us lucky. We'll see . . .

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