Thursday, January 12, 2006


Grandpop Update: My grandfather is stable. He's not improving but he's not getting worse. His bp is normal now (Thank God) but his muscles and speech are not. We'll see what happens today.

Preschool Update: My MOMS Club had a preschool fair yesterday and I found a potential preschool for the boys. It is more than half of what I would have to pay to send them to their current school for next year, plus I wouldn't have to send them 5 mornings a week! They're even able to offer me a 10% sibling discount. I love the school they're at now, but the director/preK teacher at this other school seemed great! I'm going to observe tomorrow morning with my sister (assuming she's not in labor yet) - if I switched schools, she would have to as well since I'm the one driving her son to and from school.

I'm really late now, so have to run.

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