Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still yawning after all that sleep

A slept late today (over an hour later than he normally sleeps). That's unheard of in this house. J and B were both up before him, so I let them come into my room while I got dressed and since I had some of J's laundry that I hadn't put away yet (see, procrastinating comes in handy sometimes) I was able to get her dressed. B's clothes were all in his room where A was sleeping, so I just brought J and him downstairs. A woke up around 7:30 and wandered downstairs to join us. It's the first time he ever woke up to a non-gated doorway - he was very confused.

But now it's ten after eight and two kids still aren't dressed, no one has shoes on or their teeth or hair brushed, breakfast is still on the table, and the living room needs to get picked up some more.

On the plus side, I went to bed on time yesterday AND cleaned the kitchen and dining room before I went upstairs. The difference is that I didn't have anywhere to be last night, so I was able to give the kids their neb treatments before dinner (while DN-A was still here). As soon as DN-A was picked up, I was able to put dinner on the table (okay, had to heat it up first). After dinner, I let them play while I cleaned up from dinner completely. Then I took them upstairs for a bubble bath. All three of my kiddos in the tub and me without a camera. Too cute. I took them out one at a time by doing "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe" (which they thought was hysterical and didn't mind getting "picked" to get out) and was able to dress each one while the others played in the tub or in their room - it worked out. When I was finally done, I walked downstairs to a clean kitchen and dining room. Very nice. When DH is home, one of us gets the kids ready for bed while the other cleans up, but when he's not (like last night) it's imperative that I clean up BEFORE I take the kids upstairs or it doesn't happen!

This afternoon DH will be late again, but I plan on dropping DN-A off, driving to a pizza playdate at a member of Mothers and More's house (I will bring the kids' sleepers and change them before we leave), then going to Acme to pick up the food I ordered on-line yesterday. Hopefully that works out as smoothly as I anticipate. I'll call Acme today to see where I go and such.

Okay, now it's twenty after 8 - REALLY have to move!

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