Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random Observations

Just had to do some serious negotiating with J: "I need to put you down now."
"Just for a little bit."
"I need five minutes to do some writing."

B is not quite four. Don't you think it's too early for him to be insisting on calling us "Mom" and "Dad"? A and J are both still calling us Mommy and Daddy. B seems to feel so grown-up and proud of himself for calling us these new names. I've even told him that I'm Mommy, not Mom, but that doesn't seem to matter (or maybe that's why he's insisting on it). He works the name into conversation with me at least twice per each interaction. I HATE hearing it! I thought I would be "Mommy" for a while more!

The kids met their new baby cousin yesterday. As I anticipated, A was blase about the whole thing ("Hi, Baby J. Now...what can I get into at Aunt J's house."), B wanted to hug and kiss her immediately, and J, the one I thought would be jealous or disinterested, was so infatuated with the baby she could hardly take her eyes off her. It was a really interesting reaction!

I should be awake right now. Lights out at 10 last night, maybe another ten minutes or so to fall asleep. Was able to stay in bed until about 6. Why am I still tired?!! Tonight DH will be late, so I'm just giving the kids leftovers (we ended up eating at J's last night so we still have untouched leftovers in fridge), he has his grad class Thursday so we're going to a dinner playdate at a friend's house Thursday, Friday at Mom and Dad's for Shabbat dinner - woohoo, no cooking this week! :) Anyway, my point is I'm going to bed even earlier tonight!!!!

I have to get the boys ready for school. Then J and I are coming back here. I have computer work to do (all the stuff I didn't get to yesterday and more), clean-up to do, and laundry to catch up on. But at least no dinner to cook.

Sorry this was so scattered today. I'm tired.

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Chaotic Mom said...

Good news on the sleep last night, you probably have some catching up to do after last week. Hope you get a good night of sleep tonight, too. :)