Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm beat!

Just got back from my parents'. I'm exhausted. DH got home at 5 and I took off. Went to their house and made dinner, then cleaned up from dinner (with help), and then got thing set up for tomorrow. We're expecting lots of people, so there was a lot to do, even with food trays being delivered. Luckily my sister was able to come over here during nap time so I could run to the mall to find something to wear for tomorrow. Ever go funeral clothes shopping? Not the most fun way to spend an afternoon, especially when you don't like shopping anyway.

So, their house is set, I'm made arrangements for the kids for tomorrow and prepared their snacks and lunches. I have to pull out what I'm going to wear tomorrow to make sure it all works together and nothing needs to get ironed or anything. I'm so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open (literally - it's tough to write) but I just wanted to vent a little. :) Going to be a long day tomorrow. The big thing is that we're hoping Jessica can hold that baby in until Friday. It's a long shot, but if she can at least wait past tomorrow, we'll be happy. We do have someone set up to make sure their car is accessible at all times in case we have to take her to the hospital.

Is it Friday yet?

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Chaotic Mom said...

How are you doing? Been wondering about your sister, too...