Thursday, January 05, 2006

Confession Time

I have a confession to make.

Last night, after listening to an NPR review of two new country albums, I made a shocking discovery: I like country music. I can't believe I never realized this before. I mean, I'm a singer and an actress - I've always been attracted to songs that have stories in them, songs with incredible lyrics. And yet I've never journeyed down South to try out the other side. But last night, after listening to that review (which I'm sure you realize I mentioned only so you would be impressed with how cultured I am, even though I'm revealing my darkest secret to you), I actually found the country music station (it's now programmed on the car radio).

Driving home last night I listened to a song where a woman describes going to bed angry with her husband - they've been married seven years but it sometimes feels like twenty-one. She says that she's been up since five thinking about their relationship and has come to the conclusion that even though she's still angry and still is sure that she's right and he's wrong, she knows that she's always going to love him and she's never going to leave. She even admitted that she's probably going to say she's sorry first, and that even though she will leave for work without her good-bye kiss, she wants him to know that she's always going to love him no matter what. I'm probably not describing it well, but I could so identify with the story she created with her song.

It was amazing - some of the songs made me laugh, some made me really think, all made me FEEL. That's something that hasn't happened for awhile listening to my classic rock station. So I have to say, "My name is R, and I like country music."

P.S. While I'm making confessions, I ended up staying up later than I expected due to having too good a time with my book club last night, and when I got home I didn't get to finish cleaning up, so I didn't accomplish EITHER goal last night, and now I have half an hour to finish cleaning up, get dinner in the crockpot, shoes on the kids, and prepped for the morning before the other kids get here. AARGH!


Anjali said...

Yes, I'm behind too, but boy, book club is SO WORTH it. I'll be making your roll ups in the near future...

Elaine said...

Well, the world is still in balance, because I'm a Southerner and I ABHOR country music. Most of it, anyway. There are a few select songs that I like, but for the most part, a little goes a LOOOOOOONG way.

And I had to laugh -- THE country music station?

Down here, there are about 5 country music stations per each other kind. It's difficult to find something--ANYTHING--other than country music when flipping channels on the radio.