Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My children are strange

They're sitting at the table eating carrots that they're dipping in flavored yogurt. They got a new Blue's Clues DVD about snacktime and Blue shows how to roll a banana on a stick into yogurt and then roll it in granola. They're obviously copying this but EWWW!

After he ate his sandwich B asked, "What else can we eat for lunch?"
I told him that we have some oranges (he's not a fan), a banana, or some carrot sticks.
"I want chocolate chips, please," he states very confidently.
"We're not having chocolate chips for a snack."
Without missing a beat, he states in an equally confident voice, "I want carrots, please."

My sister's step-daughter H was very ill yesterday with the stomach virus. VERY ill. Poor DS - she's 38 weeks pregnant, tired and uncomfortable all the time. H had thrown up 3 times before DS left for work, but DS figured that was it and she'd rest for the rest of the day (H is 16 and her older brother is home from college). When DS called around 1:30, she discovered that H had thrown up approximately 12 more times - she has not been able to keep anything down. DS is (rightly so) terrified of catching this bug (trust me - it's no fun to be 38 weeks pg and catch the stomach virus - I did with J - OW!), but she still managed to finish up work early so she could go home, bring H to the doctor, get the stuff the doctor says she needed, try to give it to her (though she continued to throw up everything she swallowed, even the teaspoon of liquid the doctor said to give her). DS and DN-A ended up staying here overnight to hopefully not be exposed anymore to the germs flying around her house. Hopefully that will help! H ended up finally being able to keep some liquid down in time to not have to be taken to the hospital.

After I took the boys to school, J and I headed to Target to get a new vacuum. Even though J was in a Mood (yes, it has a capital M), taking one child to a store is infinitely easier than taking two children of the same age. I know, duh, but I finally get how other moms must feel with just one child. It's only one child to entertain as you walk the aisles, only one child to buckle in and out of a car seat, plus you actually get to use the cart, designed for one child. I had no idea that apparently, Target at 9:30 is the place to be for moms and young kids. All these things I'm discovering when I go out and about with only one child. And I don't have to stop every ten steps to answer questions ("Yes, they're all mine." "Yes, they're twins." "No, I don't pull my hair out every night."). All of this makes deciding about next year even harder.

Paying for both boys to be attending preschool has been very, very, very difficult. We're close to qualifying for WIC as it is (though not close enough) - adding in an additional $465 a month is near impossible. Next year they will be in PreK, which is 5 mornings a week (as opposed to 3). I have no idea what the rate increase will be. I'm almost holding my breath until we get all our tax info so we can do our return. Hopefully we wil be getting a very nice return and be able to comfortably pay for the rest of this year's tuition outright, then put the rest in savings for next year. Hopefully that will be enough.

Okay, just put DN-A and J down for a nap (DN-A wet his pants again - he told me right as I said, "Okay, it's potty time!"). I'm contemplating not even having the boys lay down for "quiet time" (I keep telling them to lay down while they watch a video) but just let them keep playing. I'm trying to cut back tv time for all of us. We didn't watch any this morning. I'll see how long I can keep it off. B just asked to play with his block, so I told him to clean up the legos first - he's actually doing it! So nice to have him at this point. Oops, spoke too soon. I'm off to help him put the rest away.

Oh, and for anyone who cares, I gave myself two more stickers on the calendar yesterday. Woohoo!

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