Saturday, January 28, 2006


I'm ready to cry.
I just spent the last forty-five minutes (plus interruptions) writing an entry. It was one of the first times I was able to spend more than my customary ten minutes on a post. I was nearing the end of it when B needed something. A found his way to the computer, even though I told him not to touch it, and clicked on something else. Of course, I hadn't saved it as a draft before I went to help B so it's gone. I've tried everything I can think of, and it's still gone. I'm going to have to reype the whole thing. I'm so frustrated with him I told him just to leave the room. He tried coming in again to see if I was finished on the computer yet and I told him why I'm angry and said that he needed to go into another room RIGHT NOW.

I have tried so many different things with A to get him to listen and nothing seems to make a lasting impact. One of the things that may be causing a problem with his behavior is his apparent intelligence. I SO do not want to sound like one of those parents that I have had to deal with as a teacher that can explain every problem away with the fact that their child is a genius. But A is reading and writing and so focused on how to work various electronic things it amazes me. That's one of the reasons I can't get him away from computers, radios, stereos, answering machines, anything electronic. On the other hand, many times it's that he's so facinated watching the electronic display that I fear he's just trying to self-stimulate his brain and that he might have some larger problems that I can't diagnose. I'm going to call the IU and schedule some testing for him. If nothing else maybe they can suggest some behavioral techniques I haven't tried yet.

Just got my step-niece to agree to babysit for DH and I for this afternoon. I try to work it so the babysitter comes while the kids are all awake so we're not paying for him or her to sit while the kids are sleeping. No, I want them to earn their money! We will be home by bedtime so I'll put the kids to bed while DH drives her home. Then DH can watch a movie together or something. We plan to go to IKEA to walk around and get some ideas since we now have money to spend, thanks to Grandpop. Then we'll go to dinner where we can have some uninterrupted time talking about how to best use the financial gift he gave us. One thing we have decided on is to send the boys to school next year (five mornings) and send J for two mornings. We're even going to set money aside for the following year so J is totally taken care of. So nice to know that we won't have to scrape and save to come up with the tuition payments each month!

Okay, let me get the kids involved in something productive. It's tough. Most of the year, we've worked it out so I get Saturday mornings to myself. DH wakes up with them and is in charge until lunchtime. During the next few months, he will have Saturday rehearsals most of the day each Saturday. Not having the morning to "recharge" makes it kind of hard. Oh well, can't complain - I know there are plenty of other moms out there with no breaks at all.


Chaotic Mom said...

I feel your need to recharge, sounds like we've had the same routine on Saturday mornings.

I'm very sorry about your Grandpop, but it sounds like you're wisely planning on what to do with the funds. I'll be thinking of you at IKEA today. :)

Anjali said...

Sorry things are rough with Aaron. I have no words of wisdom, because Mira is in a very similar tough stage. If one more person recommends "time out," I'm going to scream, as time outs have NEVER worked for her. I think it's a control issue. They need to be in control of everything around them, including mommy. And somehow, though I haven't figured it out yet, they need to know they can't be.

Just breathe, girl. Just breathe.