Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's over

Grandpop died yesterday afternoon.

My mom will be home this afternoon. We'll go to the funeral home with his clothes tomorrow. And the funeral will not be until Wednesday. Then we'll sit shiva at my parents' house for seven days. Fun, fun, fun.

My sister called me with the news because my dad wasn't feeling well. He called me soon afterwards to take him to the ER due to severe constipation. Classy, I know, but he was really uncomfortable. They were able to make him more comfortable, but he needs to get it checked out with his GI guy because they need to figure out what caused the blockage in the first place. Since he's a cancer survivor, it could be connected to that (a reoccurance), but I need to keep that aspect of what the doctor said quiet for now because everyone is going through enough right now. More fun.

Jess is ready to pop that baby out every second, but now we're hoping she can at least hold out until next weekend, poor thing.

And my other sister, my friend that I have had since first grade, just called me. I knew her husband read my blog, so I thought she was checking in to see what's going on with my grandfather. No, she was calling to tell me that her MIL just died from ovarian cancer last night, the same thing that took her mother when we were freshman in high school. I'm so sorry that these things are all happening at the same time. I want to go be with her and her family right now, but need to be here with my family. This sucks so much. I told her that in the future we need to work on staggering these kinds of things a little more.

And that's all I have to say today.


Mom Nancy said...


I have thinking about you all day and I really wish I was in Pennsylvania! I would definitely come to Shiva. (I hope this Catholic lady got that right.) I want you to know that you are one of the people from DelCo FlyLadies I admire the most. I am praying for you and your grandfather.


jess said...

sorry for your loss.

Anjali said...

I'm so sorry, Rachel. It is nice to know that until the end, your grandfather was still taking pleasure in the simple but wonderful things of life -- a box of orange -- and thinking of his granddaughter up in Pennsylvania.