Sunday, April 02, 2006


Happy 100th post to me!


I actually said the word aloud to a child psychologist the other night, a friend that used to work with my brother when he was younger. I described all of A's symptoms and actually said that I suspected Asperger's. She agreed that it sounded possible. It's one thing to suspect it, it's another to hear confirmation from an expert that it's possible, even likely. I'm fine with whatever diagnosis gets made, I just really want to get one so we can start working ont he problem. I'll call the IU in the morning to confirm they received all the paperwork and find out exactly what the next step is. I'm thrilled that we're moving forward with this. If something is going on with him, I want an IEP in place before he starts Kindergarten. It would be fabulous if he could be getting therapy while in Pre-K. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Just need to get the evals started!

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