Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The race

Baby J fell asleep at 11:30, so I gave the kids an early lunch and just got J and DN-A down for a nap. I'm letting the boys keep playing in here (the computer is in the playroom) and will have them lay down for "quiet time" when they start messing around and stop playing nicely. Not bad. Though I just heard someone fussing up there - better not be DN-J!

I ended up with nothing planned this morning. That's always dangerous! We did okay, though, but not the kind of day I would brag about. I did get the kids outside this morning for some fresh air, and we sang some songs together, so at least we did that. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to bring DN-J and J to the gym once I drop the boys off at school. We'll see how badly that messes her schedule up.

I have a ton of paperwork that I have to get to, so I think I'm going to try to focus on that right now for as long as I can. The boys are playing a game I just taught them, so hopefully will be occupied for a little. The lunch dishes are cleaned up and I already made lunches for tomorrow, I just need to put the wash into the dryer and then I'm good to go, as long as DN-J stays asleep. We'll see how long that lasts!


Lucy T said...


Wish we had met up this morning. I ended up not going out. Good job on getting them all out.


M-j said...

Good job!
I actually haven't gotten them out yet, and now it is time for dinner, baths and bed. That's what happens when DH is away. I don't stick to my schedule!

Chaotic Mom said...

So.... How did it go with the paperwork? I DID get some paperwork done, too, while on the phone for two hours with six different health insurance reps. Can you believe they somehow assigned my littlest one with a doc 12 hours away? And they didn't know how to CHANGE that?

We've been running around like crazy over here. I don't like weeks like these. Grrr... ;)