Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Mish Mash of Stuff

Is there anything sweeter than hearing your two year old lean over her newborn cousin saying, "You're cute, Baby DN-J! You're cute!"?

How about when she squatted in front of her, holding her burp cloth in her hand, wanting to help so much she tried to command spit up to spew? "Spit up!"

Okay, I don't consider myself to be a "girly girl" except when it comes to bugs and mice. And a little black mouse just ran out from the kitchen towards the washer and dryer. EEEEEKKK!!! I had been hearing noises this morning from under the fridge, and suspected a little guest, but didn't really want to check it out. Yuck! Hopefully it just ran back outside through an obvious hole under the dryer.

Apparently I got in trouble for not posting about the fabulous time I had at the zoo with a friend from the MOMS Club, L. It was supposed to be a bigger group, but two people cancelled the day of and one had to leave soon after we arrived (we were late), so L. and I walked around with the kids. We had a great time. It is so nice to spend time with another mom and actually "click" - conversation was really easy and I truly enjoyed myself. There, L., if you read this (which I doubt you do), here's proof that I really did have fun. Happy now?!! :)

And Monday Heather came over in the afternoon with the two girls. We were going to garden, but it had just rained and wasn't really a good idea, so we just let the kids play. So wonderful to have a playdate with another teacher! About ten minutes into the playdate, after listening to each other interact with the kids, we both started laughing about how obvious it was that we were both teachers. It was great to hear another mom expect her child (and mine) ask for things nicely - I sometimes feel like I must be one of the strictest moms around for making my child say, "May I have a turn, please." It's nice to hear someone else do that too. And we had a great time talking.

I have more to talk about but have to get the kids to school and J, DN-J, and I to the gym. Will try to check back later today.


M-j said...

I know what you mean about the teacher thing.
I always ask Bug Boy to say things nicely, if there is one thing I will teach this child, it will be some manners! Even if nothing else works, at least he will be polite!
And, for the record, your daughter is one cutie pie!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm so excited that you had a great time at the zoo!

Bummer about the gardening, but I'm sure you had a fun visit with Heather. I was wondering if you guys got anything done. ;)

MommyWithAttitude said...

I'm a complete stickler for good manners too. My big line is, "use nice words, please," (well, at various octaves).

Tish said...

Too cute about the little girls!!! That is sooo the reason why Ive always wanted I think Id be such a different Mom with girls....not better, just
Im a stickler for manners too. My boys are usually very polite..(at least with everyone even at 12 and 14...its so hard though because it seems like kids being rude is getting to be more and more acceptable. I hate that!

Naomi said...

Is it because I'm a teacher? I make my son say please too. Actually, he can't say it yet, but he signs it.

Now that he's learnt to sign please, he thinks he can get whatever he wants just by being polite! I guess it's better then being nasty!

I think as teachers we have such different expectations of children. Good on us!