Saturday, April 22, 2006

Change of plans

I had my "free morning" planned out really well for today. Was all set to get a lot accomplished, including working out at the gym. Well, I have a saying about how "man plans and God laughs." Yeah.

Last night DH was in a show. During one of the poorly choreographed fight scenes he got injured. He hit his head pretty bad. Now, he was able to get through the rest of the show on shere adrenalin, but he was in pain. Even though I thought at most it was a concussion, and would wake him every few hours, everyone else was pushing for me to take him to get checked out. And he can be a bit of a hypochondriac with this kind of stuff, exaggerating symptoms subconsciously the more people show concern, so since everyone there was really really worried, he got worried too. So we spent a good portion of the night waiting in the ER to be checked out for about ten minutes and told it was not even a concussion. AARGH! His head obviously still hurts a lot, and he needed to rest today, but he's fine. And not to be unsympathetic, but my plans sure got screwed up! Not that it's his fault at all, but MAN! :)

Anyway, I'm taking my sister out for her birthday tonight, got a babysitter coming in twenty minutes (woohoo!) who has agreed to be our regular babysitter every Saturday (WOOHOO!) so I'm psyched!

DH just came down and says he feels a lot better (he should, he's been in bed all day) so that's a plus. Okay, off to straighten up and get ready to go out.


Tish said...

Glad to hear Chas is ok...but I can understand your frustration at your plans having to change! Glad you found a saat night babysitter...thats great!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

Yeah! I'm gald to hear he's okay, but MORE THRILLED to hear that you're going out. YEAH!!!!!

I have a babysitter for next Friday, when Hubby and I have to go to a ball. I am so tickled pink about this! ;)

Tish said...

Rachel thanks for the comments on my blog...I dont know why I didnt choose a Flyers theme..I just wasnt inspired by Shhhh thats a secret!!!LOL

As for the pictures...I save them to my computer the same way I save photos, and then I add them in the section that allows you to add photos.

For the replys..what do I do to reply to a comment...go to their blog like I did with you to do it?

Thanks for all your help!!! Tish

Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, didn't make it over for gardening today. Had a couple of problems to talk about with the teachers at school. Would have MUCH rather been gardening. ;)