Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I get like this every few weeks. I'm just overwhelmed. There's so much that I see that needs to get done as I walk through the house, and so much paperwork stuff that is virtually unseen because it's all piled up, but that's even more important. DH is on spring break this week, and will be taking over at 12. I have until 4 to do as much as I can. Top on the list is getting the kitchen ready for Passover (a huge job). HOPEFULLY I will still have time left over after that to tackle some paperwork. Need to end this because I have some MOMS Club stuff to get done right now before I get the kids out the door to head to a playdate I'm hosting.


M-j said...

I am overwhelmed today, too.
I just get like this every once in a while. Don't know why.
Hope you get things ready for passover!

Marla said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - you DO seem busy! How's your headache? Remember what Sharon Stone says! Get bad headaches checked out!

Now go make sure you sink is clean, your shoes are on and that you work a fifteen minute rest in here and there.