Friday, April 21, 2006

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, damnit.

"Maaaaaa--mmy!" The yells from upstairs have been going on every few seconds since I confined J to her crib. They started as short shouts of "Ma" and progressed to yelling my name as loudly as she can, stretching out the first syllable as long as she could and then adding on the "meee" at the end.

It started with A. After eating his breakfast, he wanted a "snack." He opened the cabinet, took out the cereal box, went into the living room, and dumped the entire contents on the floor. As soon as I heard him, I ran in and yelled for him to get up to his room. He was very definitely in trouble, and both B and J saw that. After a few minutes, A was allowed to come down and helped finish cleaning up his mess.

Then J took the cereal box and did the same thing.

I love that my daughter watches her brothers and imitates them. When the boys were this age I couldn't trust them in the front yard because they were just as likely to run into the street as to run across the yard. J will not do that, mainly because she has seen that her brothers don't do that. But does she have to imitate EVERYTHING?!!


M-j said...

Yes, unfortunately, they learn by watching. Even the bad stuff. And in her mindset, she possibly saw Aaron getting your undivided attention by dumping it on the ground. She may not have seen the facial expression or heard you being upset. Who KNOWS what they think!!!

Tish said...

Gotta love Just reading about some of your crazy days makes me tired!!!!