Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, DH!

Yesterday was DH's birthday. We had everyone over for dinner and dessert and I got to play Susie Homemaker with my favorite chicken dinner in the crockpot and a new cake recipe for dessert. At the last minute (kind of) before everyone came over we decided to eat outside because it was such a gorgeous day. Tip #1 - never buy generic paper plates. We used all paper products to make clean up easier ("Nothing too good for you, honey!"). As everyone started eating, my mom requested a second plate because her's seemed to be ripping a little. Well, it was more than a little. Flimsy paper plates do not hold up to sauce! We could hardly scoop the new plate under her old plate; it had completely disintigrated! She ended up picking cardboard out of her meal for the rest of dinner. Nice.

DH is working all day today. Totally sucks. I'm trying to think of some fun things to do with the kids. I think we're going to walk to the library in a little and get new books. I'd like to do some gardening, so maybe I'll also let the kids play in the backyard and "help." And, as always, I'm searching for a babysitter for tonight - would love to go out with DH!


rhonda said...

Paper plates are the WORST!

Hope you find a babysitter so you can have Date Night!

M-j said...

Happy Bday Chas!
Hope you get out, I am itching to go out too, but I know for a fact we won't have a babysitter. I think it is time we look for a regular person, like one we have to pay. The free people (aunts, uncles, etc) aren't as dependable!