Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What Goes Up . . .

. . . must crash on the couch the next night.

Monday night was great, therefore Tuesday ran really smoothly. I came downstairs to all that I had done the night before and it was wonderful. I was relaxed, my attitude towards the kids reflected in their behavior, the house looked nice. We had TWO playdates here, one in the AM and one in the PM, and I didn't feel flustered or overwhelmed, it was just a really great day.

Tuesday night, DH was only home for about an hour and a half. He played with the kids long enough for me to get all the food on their plates, then we ate. We played ouside for a little more and then he was able to start to bathe them for five minutes while I cleaned up some from dinner, and then he had to go. By the time I got everyone cleaned up and in bed, I was shot. I crashed on the couch. Big time. Didn't even totally finish cleaning up. Did not get breakfast made or lunch (we're eating at my parents' tonight so I didn't have to worry about prepping dinner), did not finish cleaning the toys or wiping down the table, cleaning off the counters. I ran the dishwasher and that's it. I didn't even go to bed early (like I should have) because I just crashed.

Therefore today has NOT run as smoothly. The kids have been whiny, I felt rushed, it just took us much longer than it should have to get moving. We had a friend over for a playdate this morning and played outside, even ended up having a picnic lunch outside on this gorgeous day. The visit was great - I love chatting with this friend, and the boys all played very nicely together! So at least there's that, but I'm kicking myself for not following through with what I had done the night before.

I analyzed what was different between the two nights. Do you think you can figure out what happened?

  1. DH was home and in charge of the kids all morning.
  2. I got to do an aerobics class in the morning.
  3. I got a lot accomplished during the day while he was in charge.
  4. I taught Hebrew School at night, so I had energy when I got home at 8:15.


  1. DH went back to school, so I got up at 6:30 with the kids.
  2. I got very little accomplished during the day, but mainly for good reason (friends over).
  3. No exercise, unless you count pushing all three kids at the same time on the swings.
  4. Nowhere that I had to be at night, so I sat down on the couch (big mistake).

See the differences?!!

A friend had recently suggested taking a shower right after putting the kids to bed. She was talking about how she did this to avoid hearing her baby cry for those first ten minutes, but I think it would help me a lot to wake me up and not let me sit down right away. I think then I'd be able to at least get things ready for tomorrow before sitting. I know that would make a huge difference. So....I'm showering tonight! We'll see how that goes.


Kvetch said...

I know that everyone's life and priorities are different,but why is it so important to you that you do not ever just relax and recharge? You take care of a lot of kids, and a husband, and a house, and seem to have some outside interests and/or work. That's not enough? You chastise yourself for not having the house clean enough and for crashing on the couch. If you are lucky you will have a long life. I think you need to RELAX a little bit. I know that you feel better when all those "things" are done, but reread what you wrote, you are very, very hard on yourself. I'm imagining that you are rather young - and you've already accommplished a lot. Be proud. You are great even if the dishes are in the sink. Really.

M-j said...

I think I may have already told you this. No one ever lies dying and wishes they got more house work done. Just concentrate on the essentials. THe extras are for when Chas is around.
And, for the record, I think you are doing a WONDERFUL job!!!
Just keep up with the routines. Remember that this time is so very short! They won't be this young for long!

Chaotic Mom said...

You up for something this afternoon, or kind of play-dated out? ;)