Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Gift to Me - Today

That title makes total sense, but does come off a little cheesy, so let me explain. Today is DN-A's third birthday. Happy birthday, DN-A! My sister and brother-in-law took the day off to have a special day with him (and DN-J). They're taking them to the Please Touch Museum. And what that means for us is that we have the whole day just the four of us, no preschool, no one coming over, just us! I had set the alarm, but then turned it off this morning, realizing that I could just wait until the kids woke up. After they called me from their rooms ("Mommy, come out of your room! Mommy, open the door!") I said hi and then took a shower and got dressed. Then I read them a book (no reason to rush) and then got them dressed. I brought them downstairs for breakfast later than usual (again, no rush - very nice and rare) and they're now watching tv while I just read all my blogs and am now updating mine. Aaaahhhh...

We're planning to head on over to a storytime that I've heard about where the librarian does stuff in Spanish. The boys will LOVE that! I'm a little nervous about getting in because they have posted on their website that the storytime is only for the first twenty-five kids and their parents. I've never seen another storytime that needed to post that, so I'm not sure how early to get there! It starts at 10:30, and should take us 15 minutes to get there - I think I might start getting the kids ready as soon as I get off the computer (around 9:30). Worse comes to worse, we'll browse the library. I already told the boys about it so I don't want to chance getting turned away.

We will be going to DN-A's for dinner tonight, so I don't have to worry about getting that together. Woohoo - one less thing to do. And I made lunches yesterday, so meals are done for the day. Aaahhh. That's about the only thing that is, but it's important to savor the good things.

I ended up staying up way too late last night. Don't really know why. Could it be the energy I got from doing the aerobics class yesterday morning was enough to keep me wired well into the night? Naahhh - didn't think so.

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