Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I did it!

Okay, I might have used that as a title before, but that's what's running through my mind. Not only did I figure out how to get DN-J down for a nap at the same time as J and DN-A (just keep them awake until she shows signs of getting fussy), I made it all the way through my first step arobics class today even though I ended up having to be in the very front row. I laughed through a good quarter of it because I was so incredibly bad at it and was probably throwing off the rest of the people around me, but I kept on going. J and DN-J did fine in the babysitting room, though DN-J was fussy. The only problem was how much time the whole working out thing took.

I dropped the boys off at school at 9 or so, leaving the parking lot around 9:15 (it takes a while to get all three boys' coats off, hung up, signed in, etc.). I got to the gym and had to officially buy my membership. I know that it won't take as long next time, but that ate up five-ten minutes. Then I had to bring both girls to the babysitting room and get them settled in. I arrived at the 9:30 class only to have to wait five more minutes for the instructor to show up, even though apparently you have to get there "early" to get the prime back row spot. I'm guessing I better get used to making a fool of myself in the front! We do the hour workout (whew!!!) and then I return to the babysitting room to pick up the girls. By the time I got them both in their coats and into the car, it was already 10:50! Luckily DN-J fell asleep on the way to the car, so I was able to grab a shower once I got J settled with a snack. I was drenched, so everyone who saw me today was glad I got that shower! Once I was dried off and dressed, hair wet but brushed, I had enough time to fold and put away a load of towels and then wake the baby up to give her most of her bottle before we had to pick up the boys at 12. I'm glad I am making the time to workout and I feel really good about that, but I'm giving up my time to get things done around the house by doing it. Hmmmm....maybe it'll start going faster once it gets warmer - we'll be able to leave the gym in less time.

I gues the other thing to think about is I have to make better use of my afternoons. Today I read with the boys for half an hour before they had "quiet time" (watching tv while they lay on the couch). After they got settled, DN-J woke up, so I worked to get her to go back to sleep. That took three trips up and down the stairs. Then J woke up, and I had to work to convince her that nap time was not over yet. I sat down to read for ten minutes or so and then J started screaming that she had to pee. Far be it for me to discourage one of my children from peeing in the potty, I brought her to the bathroom knowing full well that her nap time was over. J needs to lay on the couch with me for about ten-fifteen minutes until she transitions into fully awake time. After she was up and moving, I came here to update my blog. And now it's almost four in the afternoon!

So far, besides taking care and feeding the children and myself, I have gotten dinner in the crockpot and one load of laundry that was already in the dryer folded and put away. That's it. I have a bunch of computer things that I want to get done, but A is breathing down my neck to get his turn on the computer, so I think I'll work on the non-computer things: today's laundry in the washer, clear off the kitchen counters and dining room table, finish the side dishes for dinner tonight - I'm sure that's all that I'll be able to squeeze in while the kids are still awake. I did not get a lot of paperwork done yesterday, so that's my main goal for tonight, besides getting prepped for tomorrow. Usually all I'm able to accomplish each night is to clean up from that day and prepare for tomorrow (and it's a really good night when I get that done). If I can manage to get any more done, I'll be thrilled, but I really need to push myself to get through my constant mountain of paperwork.

I would love to get to the point with both housework and paperwork where I'm just working on maintenance, just dealing with what happens each day. But, I'm definitely not there yet! Is anyone? Really, are you? Or is the housework and paperwork involved with running a household overwhelming to anyone else? And if not, why??? What do you do?!!


Chaotic Mom said...

I could do it all, BEFORE I had kids. Now I'm barely keeping my head above water. Trying to improve, though, constantly trying! ;)

Just reading about your days leaves me winded!

I think I started REALLY loving flinging things, getting rid of them, when I got tired of putting them away again and again and again...

Still, I can't wait until ALL the boys are in school ALL day, EVERY day. ;)

HOORAY for you hitting the gym! Did you get a boost of energy from your workout?

Heather said...

I am exausted just reading all that!!!!