Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Projects I want to tackle before the end of the summer:
  1. Paint the living room a bright greenish blue
  2. Paint the stairwell and upstairs hallway a rusty kind of yellow
  3. Get a contractor of sorts to widen the archway between the living room and dining room and another to pull up the carpeting in those rooms and finish the hardwood flooring underneath
  4. Install shelving in the stupid entranceway closet, the one that is two small to actually hang a hanger in it
  5. Install hooks in that closet so children can hang up their coats instead of throwing them in the overflowing basket next to the couch
  6. Fix said closet door so kids will be able to open and close it on there own
  7. Install one additional shelf above small extra freezer in pantry to better use the space
  8. Reorganize pantry to make use of the extra shelf
  9. Clean out closet/cabinets in boys' room and J's room
  10. Do a "clean sweep" of the shelves above our washer and dryer
  11. Clear out old changing area in playroom to hold my scrapbooking stuff
  12. Sell dining room set (anyone looking for one) and replace with table and book case we saw at Ikea
  13. Paint one wall in playroom with magnetic paint and hang wire to allow kids to hang paintings to dry and other pictures to be displyed.

If you do a TT too, leave a comment so I can link to your blog. If you don't do a TT, leave a comment to let me know what is the #1 project you hope to get done in the next six months. C'mon, you lurkers, I know who you are, leave a comment!!! :)


Mom Nancy said...

Hi, babe! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your list. It kinda made me tired just reading it, but maybe I was tired before that!

Serfronya said...

Wow! I hope you meet all your goals.

My #1 goal is to organize the little corner of the dining room known as my "home office".

stacey said...

I also have many home improvements to accomplish.
I hope you get all yours done with minimal stress.
My TT is up.

M-j said...

That is quite a list. I am impressed, and the ideas sound fantastic! You go girl!
And, btw, I have decided to indulge in my own version of the TT list. Enjoy.

Chaotic Mom said...

Me! Me! I'll help you paint! Call me! I LOVE painting!

Heck, I'd do all the painting if you played with the kids... ;)

TracyRuth said...

Alright I will not lurk. That's quite a list. I don't know what home improvements I have yet (we are moving at the end of the month), I do have a very nice inexpensive trustworthy handyman/contractor if you want the name.