Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A J Funny

We have two yellow kid chairs, a really cool party favor from a birthday party a year ago. One of them has lost the bottom part of one of its legs. I didn't think too much of that until just now, when J climbed on it to sit next to me. She asked, "Who's rocking me?" over and over again until I really started to pay attention to what she was saying. "Who's rocking you?" I asked her, just to make sure I hear her correctly. At that, she started to cry a little, terrified at the unseen hand that was making her rock on her chair.

I know, it doesn't take much to amuse me, and clearly I'm an awful mom laughing at the expense of my children. :)


Chaotic Mom said...

Isn't that why we HAVE children? There HAS to be some balance between the stress and laughing. ;)

M-j said...

If you don't laugh at them, who will? I laugh at them all of the time. It is the only thing that keeps me SANE.