Friday, April 07, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday

Na na na na na na na
It's my birthday too - oo
Na na na na na na na

Happy birthday to me!!!

I love my birthday. In my mind, I can do anything I want and blame it on the birthday. I "slept in" today until the kids woke up. J got up first so she came into bed with me. It was great - she hardly ever wants hugs and cuddles, but laid next to me, under the covers, head on the pillow. Every time I opened my eyes, hers were open too, but she was quiet and just laid there. What a nice present from her.

I had to give the kids a bath this morning before breakfast because they were waaaay overdue (plus J had rubbed lotion in her hair yesterday). That ate up some of our morning! After they got off to school I had some time to clean up downstairs some. Then my mom came over to bring me a bagel for breakfast (she had to celebrate with me on her "birthing day") and the girl I watch on Friday mornings was dropped off.

I'm taking the kids to McDonald's for lunch - not my top place for lunch, but not bad. I have to work tonight leading the preschool Shabbat service. I'm supposed to be there for the potluck dinner first, so no celebrating tonight, but the family is getting together tomorrow night for that.

I'm going to try to get a lot of laundry done today - somehow almost all my underwear has gone missing, so maybe if I just wash everything it will show up.


Heather said...


Anjali said...

Have a wonderful day, Rachel!

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Mom Nancy said...

Happy birthday to you!

I'd better put this on the loop before I lose my readers!



Lauren said...

Hey! Happy birthday!

Abbe said...

Yom Haledet Sameach to you, Super Mommy! I hope you had a great one and will continue the celebration for many days yet to come! At least your birthday isn't during Pesach this year! Kosher for Pesach birthday cake just shouldn't happen!

Chaotic Mom said...

You've been TAGGED! Check my blog. Yeah, I got you again... ;)

MommyWithAttitude said...

Happy Birthday!

My almost 5 year old rarely climbs into bed to snuggle with me in the morning anymore... it's such a sweet treat when he does!