Sunday, April 09, 2006

Head pain

My. Head. Hurts.
It hurts so much. I have gotten headaches a lot in the past, sometimes really, really, really bad. But I don't remember one hurting as much as it did last night. I actually cried unintentionally, tears running down my cheeks, as I tried to breathe through the pain and relax my body. It got better, but it scared DH enough to try to get me to go the ER. Sorry, but what would I say? "Uh...yeah, head really hurt bad about um, an hour ago, but now it's not so bad. Yeah, why did we come in?" It hurts some now, not extreme like last night, but not good at all. I promised DH I'd get a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully it's as simple as an ear infection or something like that. Let's see. But for now, ouch!

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Chaotic Mom said...

RACHEL! My head hurts right now, too, but nothing like that! Man, I hope you do feel better in the morning. But if not, I agree about going straight to the doc.

Hey, I'm going to keep checking your blog. Please give an update when you can...